Bruford - The Stone Club Tornado

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Highland HL021#B1 (commercial bootleg)
The Stone Club, San Francisco CA

Bill Bruford - Drums, Percussion
Dave Stewart - Keyboards
Jeff Berlin - Bass and Vocals
The "Unknown" John Clark - Guitars

NB This recording is sourced from MP3 files, not from a direct rip from the CD. I can trade as an audio CD or as MP3 files (82Mb) plus artwork files(1.6Mb)

1. Hell's Bells

2. Joe Frazier

3. Land's End

4. The Sliding Floor

5. The Sahara of Snow

6. Gothic 17

7. Fainting in Coils

8. Age of Information

Front Cover (484Kb)

Front Inside (425Kb)

Inlay Inside (395Kb)

Inlay Outside (384Kb)