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July 1999

The newlyweds put the knife in


Just Married...

Aah! Don't they make a lovely couple?


Who let this lot in?

The Three Amigos

Dubious characters...

I think I might try it on

Steve, pondering whether he should propose something lewd

Put that tongue away

Laurence, actually proposing something lewd

Here are some more pictures:

More Wedding Pictures - Speeches and more!

More Cake Cutting or "How many Fews does it take to cut a cake?"

Kids - Large & Small or "Come back here and let me take your picture!"

Old Lutonians or "Here are my real friends!"

Northern Woman or "Gettings gets her own page - there'll be 'Hel' to pay."

Boat Trip or "Oops! There goes my music book..."

I'll be putting up more pictures, and making this a bit more attractive, but my HTML skills are a tad shaky, so it's likely that this page will look grotty for some time...

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